Dr.Akshay. R. Thorvat
Dr.Akshay. R. ThorvatHead & Associate Professor
B.E. (Civil Engineering), M.Tech. ( Environmental Science & Technology), Ph.D.(Water Resourse Engineering)
Teaching Experience- 10 Years Industry-6 months, Publications – 25 National conference, 8 International Conference, 18 International Journal, 2 Books


Dr. V. V. Karjinni
Dr. V. V. KarjinniProfessor
B.E. (Civil Engineering) M. Tech. (Transportation Systems Engineering)
Ph.D. Civil – Transportation Engineering
Dr. M. M. Mujumdar
Dr. M. M. MujumdarProfessor
M.E.(Civil- Water Resource Engineering) Ph.D.(Civil Engineering), Teaching Experience – 28 Years, Publications – 23 National and 14 International
Mr. Sunil S. Shaha
Mr. Sunil S. ShahaAssociate Professor
DCE., BE (Environmental), ME (Civil-Environmental), ,
Teaching Experience : 23 Years,Publication -1 
Mr. S. S. Mane
Mr. S. S. ManeAssistant Professor
M.Tech. ( Environmental Science &; Technology), Ph.D.(Pursuing) Teaching Experience – 12 Years, Industrial Experience 4.5 years, Publications – 15 National and 1 International




Mrs. Parul S. Saler
Mrs. Parul S. SalerAssistant Professor
ME (Civil-Environmental), BE (Environmental),
Teaching Experience: 4 Years,
Mr. Amar A. Katkar
Mr. Amar A. KatkarAssistant Professor
M. Tech (Environmental Science & Technology),B.E. Civil Engineering, Teaching : 4 Years, Publication -1
Mr. Pramod K. Jadhav
Mr. Pramod K. JadhavAssistant Professor
(MTech (Environmental Science & Technology),BE (Civil), DCE
Teaching Experience : 4 Years, Publication -2 
Mr. Bharat C. Ingavale
Mr. Bharat C. IngavaleAssistant Professor
M. Tech (Civil-Environmental),BE (Environmental)
Teaching Experience: 1.6 Years, Publication 1 
Mr. Kiran M. Kangle
Mr. Kiran M. KangleAssistant Professor
M.Tech (Environmental Science  & Technology),M.B. A. (H.R. and marketing),BE(Environmental),Teaching Experience : 4 Years,Publication 2  

Mr. Saurabh S. Joshi
Mr. Saurabh S. JoshiAssistant Professor
M.Tech (Environmental Science  & Technology),BE(Environmental) ,DFS, Publication -2

Mrs. Manjusha N. Sarnobat
Mrs. Manjusha N. SarnobatAssistant Professor
M.Tech (Environmental Science  & Technology),BE(Environmental), DCE, Teaching Experience : 2 Years

Miss. Nutan B Chougule
Miss. Nutan B ChouguleAssistant Professor
M. Tech (Civil-Environmental), BE (Environmental)
Sandip M. Patil
Sandip M. PatilAssistant Professor
M.Sc. (Applied Geology), B. Sc.”]
Ms. K. Y. Kedge
Ms. K. Y. Kedge Assistant Professor
B.E. (Civil Engineering)
M. Tech. Civil(Environmental Engineering)
Mr. S. M. Sathe
Mr. S. M. Sathe Assistant Professor
B.E. (Civil Engineering)
M. Tech. Civil(Environmental Engineering)