HOD’s Message

Greeting’s from the Department of Environmental Engineering!!!.

Since 1983, Department of Environmental Engineering has been imparting education and training in all aspects of sustainable environment. The students undergo an academic program based on necessary  fundamental concepts of Civil Engineering and emphasizing on  aspects  of Environmental pollution & control, Environmental management, Environmental policy & laws  along with  Clean Development Mechanism(CDM); Health and Safety (EHS) of Industry and society which is  everyone’s concern at Global, Regional and Local level.

Over the period, we have changed our syllabus as per need and demand of industry and society and we are proud to offer such course only at KIT in Maharashtra. Since 2011, we are offering some professional courses of industrial demands which shall add to value to our student’s profile as well as can handle the issues of EHS at Industry. Internal Auditors training in EMS, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Energy Management ISO 50001 and Carbon Foot printing ISO 14064 were offered by our department in collaboration with professionals from SGS International Limited. We are sure that students of who have undergone above training may become Internal Auditors.

We, at Department of Environmental Engineering, cultivate and mould students as per industrial demand by mentoring them with effective presentations, soft skills. One has to acquire these skills with fluency over English language to grab prestigious jobs in Fortune 500 MNC’s. We offer all kinds of training and guidance to students to be successful in the career. Job placement for such branch is high if one willing to relocate anywhere and work for job satisfaction but not only for higher packages, perks and allowances. We are proud; our graduates of Environmental Engineering are working at prestigious positions in renowned organizations all over the World such United Nations well as Fortune 500 Multinational and transnational companies across India and World. We do offer campus placement for our students which is Add-on voluntary service offered by KIT and the eligible ones are placed in good organizations. Students with consistent academic performance grab any job even without any campus placements service shortly after graduation! Academically strong students go for higher studies in IITs, NITs and in reputed Universities abroad.

Finally, I wish to advice the aspiring students who wish to opt a career in Engineering that any branch of Engineering is equally important but if you wish to succeed, you need to have sound knowledge base. During the studentship; enhance your presentations and soft skills with fluent English which is demand of any Industry. Any students can become engineer but successful engineer shall possess the desirable qualification as per the description of job. The branch of Environmental Engineering is the only branch which has very promising future as the Environmental Pollution and its control is becoming urgent and top priority issue at all levels! Environmental Engineer’s role is vital to enrich Environment for better life and tomorrow. You are most welcome to join our Program of B.E. (Environmental Engineering) and we, dedicated, highly motivated faculty are here to serve you the best of best in the field of Environmental Engineering.

I wish the success now and forever…..


To develop as a center of excellence in Environmental Engineering education by building strong academic and consultancy environment

  1. To impart essential technical knowledge, skills and environmental ethics.
  2. To develop professional capabilities to meet changing societal and industrial needs.
  3. To build up base for research and consultancy activities.

PEO 1: Graduates of the program will solve Environmental Engineering problems and pursue higher studies using solid foundation in mathematics, science and technology.

PEO2: Graduates of the program will design and operate various environmental systems in industries as well    as other related fields

PEO3: Graduates of the program will develop skills to communicate effectively and work ethically in a team in multidisciplinary areas.

PEO4: Graduates of the program will respond to the challenges of environmental issues through research and development.

Environmental Engineering graduates will be able to:

1.     Apply the knowledge of mathematics, Science and Engineering fundamentals for solution of problems of Environmental Engineering.

2.     Identify, formulate, review research literature and analyze complex Environmental Engineering problems using fundamentals of mathematics, sciences and engineering.

3.     Develop solutions for Environmental Engineering problems and design system components and processes to meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the public health and safety.

4.     Make use of their knowledge to  interpret the data by experimental analysis to provide valid conclusions

5.     Select and apply  various engineering &  IT tools and models to solve Environmental Engineering problems

6.     Assess societal,  health, safety and  legal issues by applying Environmental  Engineering knowledge

7.     Assess the impact of Environmental Engineering solutions in societal and environmental context for sustainable development.

8.     Practice ethical principles to fulfill responsibilities as Environmental Engineer.

9.     Function effectively as an individual, and as member or leader in multidisciplinary areas.

10.  Discuss effectively environmental issues and solutions through written and oral presentations to engineering communities and society.

11.  Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles to manage Environmental Engineering projects.

Practice the need of lifelong learning through updating technical knowledge in the context of technological change.

1.     Identify and analyze the pollution related problems generated due to  urbanization and industrialization

2.     Interpret the data using various tools and techniques to provide effective and applicable solutions.