Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities

Dr. Sathe Dattatray J.
Dr. Sathe Dattatray J. Asso. Prof. and Head
M.Sc., Ph.D.

Teaching – 17 years, Research – 11, Publications- International: 52, National: 4

Research Project Completed: SERB DST (19 Lakh) (2014-17)

Dr. Desai Sandeep P.,
Dr. Desai Sandeep P.,Assistant Professor in Physics
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Teaching – 13 years  Publications- International: 5, National: 0
Dr. Kulkarni Deepti C.
Dr. Kulkarni Deepti C.Assistant Professor in Physics
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Teaching -5 years Publications- International: 16, National: 1 
Dr. Dhanani Sachin H.
Dr. Dhanani Sachin H.Assistant Professor in Mathematics
M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Teaching – 9 years Publications- International: 8, National: 2
Mr. J. J. Bagal
Mr. J. J. BagalAssistant Professor
M.E.  Experience – 8 Years 
Dr. N.D. Desai
Dr. N.D. Desai
PhD. (Chemistry)  Experience Teaching: 01 Year, Patent-01 


Mr. A. D. Waghmare
Mr. A. D. WaghmareAssistant Professor
M.A B.Ed.  Experience – 9 Years 
Ms. Belgaonkar Richa A.
Ms. Belgaonkar Richa A.Assistant Professor in Electrical

(B.E. Electrical), M.Tech. (Power Systems)
Teaching Experience:4.5 Years 
Ms. Shwetha S.H.
Ms. Shwetha S.H.Assistant Professor in Electrical

(B.E. Electrical), M.Tech. (Power Systems)
Teaching Experience: 1 Year
Mr. Rajesh D. Gade
Mr. Rajesh D. Gade Asst. Prof.
B. E. (I.T.), M.E. (C.S.E.)*,Teaching experience – 5 Years
Mrs Pooja R. Patil
Mrs Pooja R. PatilAssistant Professor.
Teaching Experience – 1.5 years, Industry Experience – 3.5 years, Publications – 3 BE (CSE), ME (CSE)
Mr. V. V. Suryawanshi-Patil
Mr. V. V. Suryawanshi-PatilAssistant Professor
M.E. (Structure) Teaching Experience- 7 Years, Industrial Experience – 3 Years, Publication – 0 National and 0 International
Tejal Patil
BE Environmental Engineering, M.Tech Civil Env.
Mr. Amit S.Vaidya
Mr. Amit S.Vaidya
M.E. (Mech-Prod), B.E. (Prod.), Teaching – 5 Years,
Ms. Gauri S. Waichal
Ms. Gauri S. WaichalAssistant Professor
M.E. (Electronics and Telecommunication), Teaching Experience – 02 year, Industrial – 0.5 year,Publications – 03
Mr. Tushar .Y. Kale
Mr. Tushar .Y. KaleAsst. Professor
B.E (Mechanical),M.Tech(Design) Teaching – 1.5 Years, Publications:2
Mr. Devendra A. Pathak
Mr. Devendra A. Pathak Assistant Professor
B E (Mech), M.E.(Heat Power) Teaching Experience – 6 years, Publications – 3
Mr. Bimangouda.R. Patil
Mr. Bimangouda.R. PatilAssistant Professor
B.E. Mechanical ,MTech(Thermal Power Engg.)Teaching- Experience – 04Yrs Publications 01 (International)
Mr. G. B. Katti
Mr. G. B. KattiAssistant Professor
B.E. (Civil), M.E. (Structure), Teaching Experience -4.5, Industrial Experience – 3 Years, Publication – 05 National and 02 International
Mr. Akshay M.Dashwant
Mr. Akshay M.DashwantAssistant Professor
B.E Mechanical ,MTech Automobile Teaching- Experience – 03 Yrs Publications:-04
Dr. R. B. Heddur
Dr. R. B. HeddurProfessor
M. Sc.(Chemistry ), Phd, Expereicne-15 Years
Mr.S. S. Jadhav
Mr.S. S. JadhavAssistant Professor
B.Tech. (Civil), M.Tech. (Structure), Teaching Experience -1.5 years, Industrial Experience -0 year, Publication – 0 National and 1 International
Mr. R. V. Awati
Mr. R. V. AwatiAssistant Professor
B.E.(Civil), M.Tech. (Construction & Management), Teaching Experience -six months , Industrial Experience – 2 years, Publication – 02 National and 2 International
Mr. Ashish T. Patil
Mr. Ashish T. PatilAsst. Professor
B.E (Prod.), M.B.A, M.E(Mech-Prod.) Teaching – 4.6 Years, Publications:4
Mr. Ajit B.Patil
Mr. Ajit B.PatilAssistant Professor
M.E(Comp Sci.). Teaching Experience – 2.5 Yrs, Publications-3   
Mr. Aditya P. Patil
Mr. Aditya P. PatilAssistant Professor
M.Tech (Struct.).  Experience Teaching – 1 Yrs, Industry-2 Yrs 
Mrs. Priyanka N. Mane
Mrs. Priyanka N. ManeAssistant Professor
M.E. (E.P.S) Experience Teaching – 2 Yrs, Publications-1 
Mr. Sameer R. Karadkar
Mr. Sameer R. KaradkarAssistant Professor
M. Tech.(Ele)  Experience – 4.6 Yrs, Publications: 1