HOD’s Message

Greeting’s from the Department of Information Technology!!!.

Department of Information Technology is the only NBA Accredited IT Department in Shivaji University. The department was established in the year 2001 with intake capacity of 60 students. Ours is department of differences and uniqueness. The success story is seen by the strong ‘alumni’. The placements of students replicate the expertise departed by our highly qualified and enthusiastic staff. The laboratories are not only well equipped, but also updation of technologies and software packages are the key factors in strengthening the process. We here encourage and promote freely the talents of individual ,whether teacher or lab assistant or student. Further, we also organize and conduct seminars, IIT workshops sponsored by MHRD, New Delhi, training programs and competitions (National level and University level) to enable the individual, who in fact happens to be family member of IT family, to be a part of development of global IT sector.
We also coordinate the CWE Examination for BOI, BOM and the online GATE examinations at the department in consent with TCS. This year onwards , we have proposed a ‘Research Corner’ to promote the indigenously developed project or system or tool , which will be published in the forthcoming Newsletter.
The department maintains a network of 80 high configuration computers with 1 Gbps speed which enables easy & fast access of resources. The department provides uninterrupted internet connectivity (leased line), which gives students an opportunity to step into the world of e-learning & heap of unlimited vital information. Our key strength is creating ‘paperless environment’ by Moodle server, Here we conduct ONLINE Test on MOODLE for various subjects. We are promoting online submission of practical’s. and subject material made to be available online.
The department has four well equipped state-of-the-art computer
laboratories, which are up-to-date with licensed software’s & hardware & We provide departmental mail server facilities for communication , file transfer server facilities for internal use.
The department has set up its own “Departmental Library”, which has been made available to the students as well as staff members.

Mr.Tanaji B. Patil


Department of information Technology


To produce employable I.T. Professional who can meet the challenges of ever changing computing field with social responsibilities

    • To encourage students to work cohesively as dedicated and ethical team member in heterogeneous environment
    • To show responsibility towards society through technical guidance exhibitions and awareness campaigns.
    • To install desire and necessary confidence in students to become entrepreneurs
    • To identify problems and develop IT solutions for industry and society through R&D and consultancy.
  • To establish technology incubation center.

1. Preparation: TO prepare students to succeed to ever-changing IT industry through rigorous education.

2. Core Competence: To provide solid foundation in various areas such as software engineering principles problem solving approaches & algorithms data structures databases networking and application development.

3. Breadth: To train students with scientific and research oriented breadth in application software development security multimedia and system software tools. Also train students to apply domain knowledge to develop IT products and solutions for real life problems

4. professionalism: To inculcate professional and ethical attitude, strong interpersonal & interpersonal skills multidisciplinary approach and an ability to relate engineering issues to broader social context through areas such as soft skills, project management organizational management & customer relationship management.

5 Learning environment: To provide excellent academic environment which up brings leadership qualities promotes ethical codes and conducts and lifelong learning needed for as successful professional career.

1.Engineering knowledge: Demonstrate knowledge of mathematics, science and software engineering.

2.Problem Analysis: Demonstrate an ability to identify and analyze IT related problems.

3.Design/Development of Solutions: Demonstrate an ability to design perform programming assignments and simulation to analyze and interpret data.

4.Conduct investigation of complex problems: Demonstrate an ability to understand design develop integrate verify and deploy software and hardware systems.

5.Modern tool usage: Demonstrate an ability to understand design development testing and deployment of an application using various FOSS and propitiatory tools.

6.The engineer and Society: Ability to apply solutions.

7.Environment and sustainability: Understand the impact of professional engineering solutions in scientific environment contexts.

8.Ethics: Understand professional and ethical responsibilities.

9.Individual and team work: show an ability to work as a team member/leader in accomplishing a common goal in heterogeneous environment.

10.Communication: Able to communicate effectively in both verbal and non-verbal.

11.Project Management and finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the engineering and management principles and apply those to ones won work as a member and leader in a team to manage projects in multidisciplinary environments.

12.Life-long Learning: Learn future technologies through acquired unconditional skills and knowledge



Year wise list of students placed from our Department