K.I.T’S COLLEGE of Engineering is the First Engineering College in Kolhapur District to tie up with the Central Government ISRO Institute- the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), Department of Space,  Govt. of India for a Remote Centre for their Training and Educational through outreach programs set up for developing trained professionals in the field of Remote Sensing, Geo-informatics and GPS Technology for Natural Resources, Environmental and Disaster Management.

The lndian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has a vibrant Earth Observation (EO) programme with many satellite missions launched during past 40 years. The lndian Remote Sensing satellite (lRS) series of satellite provide space based information for monitoring and management of natural resources and Disaster management Support under the aegis of National Natural Resource, amazement System (NNRMS).The institute has so far conducted 16 Satellite/ lnternet based Outreach Programmes, benefiting more than 30,000 participants from around 367 lndian universities/institutions/user departments/user ministries in lndia.

Geospatial technologies (Remote Sensing, GlS, GNSS and ICT) can play an important role in effective decision making, execution and management of various development programmes of Government of lndia. ln the recent past, the availability of Geospatial data and information services through various websites and geo-portals such as ISRO bhuvan, lndia-WRIS, BlS/lBlN, NSDl, Google maps, Bing map, Open street maps etc., are getting popular among user communities.

The online course are spanned throughout the Year . The courses can be attended through lnternet using for registered participants. The certificate of participation is awarded to all the participants on successful completion of the programme'


ISRO-IIRS Coordinator – ProfS.S.Varur