Transport Facilities

KIT’s College of Engineering Kolhapur is on the National Highway No. 4. The bus stop of state transport and kolhapur Municipal Corporation are on the highway. The frequency   of buses are more, i.e within 10 minutes. Further one more KMT bus is coming at the time of beginning and closing the of college.


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Other Services

With the above major facilities ,KIT provides following facilities also

The whole college campus including all the buildings, library, and hostels is connected with Wi-Fi facility with 10 Gbps bandwidth. Presently, 10 routers are active and all the students and staff members are happily taking the advantage of this facility.
Web facility is available in all departments. For First Year students the facility is made available in the central library of the institute where around 40 PCs with fast Internet speed are available.
This facility is made available in the central library of the institute for students who would like to use internet facility for All government declared scholarships are implemented at KIT. The students from various strata take benefit of various scholarships such as scholarship for SC, ST, OBC, EBC, Minority students, SUK Open Scholarship, etc. Moreover, the institute also has announced some institute level scholarships for the meritorious students. Click Here for Details
Students are provided with three consumer stores with all kind of stationary and Xerox facility – one at the entrance of the main building, second at Mechanical/Production, and the third at central library.
A separate branch of PMC Bank with single window transaction facility is working between 10.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. on all college working days within the campus. All kinds of students’ scholarships mentioned above are conveyed to the respective students through this branch. As well as, the monthly payment of all the non-teaching staff members is also deposited in the same bank.
Being the second of unique facilities of KIT, Moodle has been started in all the departments and for all the staff members and students. Moreover, this resource can be operated from outside the college campus also giving teachers/students freedom to work as per their pace, time, and availability. E-learning activities are being done through this Moodle and the students are taking benefit of all e-resources made available on Moodle.