S.Y B. Tech MSE Provisional Results September 2018 (SEM III)

B. Tech
1. S.Y. B. Tech-Production Engineering
2. S.Y. B. Tech- Mechanical Engineering
3. S.Y. B. Tech- Information Technology 
4. S.Y. B. Tech- Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
5. S.Y. B. Tech- Environmental Engineering
6. S.Y. B. Tech- Electronics Engineering
7. S.Y. B. Tech- Civil Engineering 
8. S.Y. B. Tech- Computer Science and Engineering
9. S.Y. B. Tech- Bio Technology Engineering

F.Y B. Tech MSE Result 2018-19

  B. Tech.
1. F.Y B.Tech MSE Result 2018-19

F.Y B. Tech Makeup Exam Provisional Results 2018 (SEM II)

  B. Tech.
 1. F. Y. B. Tech Group A
2. F. Y. B. Tech Group B

F.Y M. Tech MSE Results March 2018 (SEM II)

M. Tech
1.  F.Y. M. Tech-Biochemical Engg. & Biotech 
2.  F.Y. M. Tech-Computer Science & Engg. 
3.  F.Y. M. Tech-Environmental Engg.
4. F.Y. M. Tech CAD CAM CAE
5. F.Y. M. Tech E & TC
6. F.Y. M. Tech I.E.
7. F.Y. M. Tech Mech. Prod.